2016 Membership Fees

Groups (500+ users) includes 4 additional cards £180.00
Groups (200-499 users) includes 2 additional cards               £140.00
Groups (100-199 users) £95.00
Groups (50-99 users) £60.00
Groups (1-49 users) £45.00
Childminders £40.00
Artists and Workshop Facilitators £45.00
Uniformed District Registration (inc: 1st card) £45.00
+ Unit Fee £10.00
Family and Individual (no additional cards available) £35.00
Additional Card £10.00
Replacement Card £10.00

Number of 'users' refers to the number of people 'using' the materials, e.g. the number of pupils in a school, not the number of staff or the number of people collecting materials. Membership is valid between 1st January and 31st December 2016. No discount or refund can be offered for part or parts of a calender year that membership is not taken up. Cornwall ScrapStore retains the right to discontinue membership, services and goods at any time without prior notice. 'Conditions of Membership' are available on request.
Only bona-fida groups will be allowed membership, you must be able to show a governance document such as a constitution, or three bank statments in the name of the group, to be eligible for membership.

We do not anticipate you will have any problems rejoining, however we would urge you if you are rejoining this year, to do it as soon as possible. Not only are you absolutely assured of continued membership but you will begin to benefit even earlier from the wonderful materials in stock.
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