Please note that we do not offer a rolling membership.
Our membership is annual and runs from January to December. We do not offer a discount on joining part way through the year. If joining from September onwards you will be charged 25% of the current year plus the full amount for the following year in one payment.
This can be paid in store by cash or by requesting an invoice. If you require an invoice please email full details to Once you have paid in full your membership card is available to collect in store. Please read our full terms and conditions.

Level 0 Membership     Click to continue to payment    
Family & Individual , Hobby Crafters & Artists, (1 user)
Level 1 Membership     Click to continue to payment    
Professional Crafters and Artists, Workshop facilitators, Child minders and Small organisations (2 – 99 users)
Level 2 Membership    Click to continue to payment    
Groups (100-249 users)  includes 1 additional card
Level 3 Membership    Click to continue to payment    
Groups (250-plus users) includes 2 additional cards
Additional or Replacement Card    Click to continue to payment£10.00
Our membership is annual and runs from January to December. If joining from September onwards please contact for an invoice as we will join you for the following year and charge only 25% of the current year. For example level 1 for following year £50 plus 25% of current year £12.50
If you join without doing this your membership will lapse at the end of the year.

Membership Fees

Once your membership payment has been processed your membership card/cards can be collected in your closest Scrapstore on your first visit. You must be able to produce a valid signed membership card to access materials.


Students, Pensioners and Households that are  in receipt of benefits can claim a discount of £10 on “level 0” membership cost. You will need to bring documentation into store in order to claim a discount and so online payment here is not possible.

Please note that this discount is only available to individual memberships and is not applicable to groups.


Number of ‘users’ refers to the number of people ‘using’ the materials, e.g. the number of pupils in a school, not the number of staff or the number of people collecting material.

Cornwall Scrapstore Membership is annual and runs from January to December. No discount or refund can be offered for part or parts of a calendar year that membership is not taken up. We do however offer a half price discount if membership is taken up after the 1st of August and payment for the following year is also made at the same time.

(this option is not available online and can only be given in person at our stores)

For the best value we recommend joining as early in the year as possible. However we do believe that our membership offers outstanding value no matter when you join as long as you visit us often. 

Cornwall ScrapStore retains the right to discontinue membership, services and goods at any time without prior notice. ‘Conditions of Membership’ are available on request.

Only bona-fide groups will be allowed membership, you must be able to show a governance document such as a constitution, or three bank statements in the name of the group, to be eligible for membership.

Membership conditions

Full Membership conditions can be read here   (opens new tab)