Conditions Of Membership

The membership card must be produced every time you visit.
The membership card is not transferable and can only be used during the year of issue.
The membership card entitles the member to a fair share of the materials available.
The materials taken must only be used by members of the named group/family.
The materials taken must not be resold or exchanged without prior agreement: and even then the materials taken can only be sold if significantly altered from their original state.
Cornwall ScrapStore takes all precautions to provide clean and safe materials but will not be liable for any damage, loss or injury that might arise from using the materials provided.
Members must take responsibility for children and other dependent members of their party that they bring to the ScrapStore – unsupervised children (under 16) will not be allowed into the ScrapStore.
Cornwall ScrapStore cannot be held responsible for damage, loss or injury to persons or their property (including motor vehicles) while on ScrapStore property.

Important Notes on Membership

Conditions of membership apply to all stores and other premises run by Cornwall ScrapStore Ltd.
Members are entitled to use any store run by Cornwall ScrapStore without additional payment.
Cornwall ScrapStore cannot guarantee the supply of material and membership does not entitle any member to any particular material or amount of material whatsoever.
The supply of materials may not be constant and Cornwall ScrapStore cannot usually save or keep back materials for individual groups/families. If staff feel you are taking too much of any one material you may be asked to replace some or all of it.
Having been accepted as a member you will be issued with a membership card. If you join by post your card may be held until your first visit. If your card is lost you will be asked to pay for a replacement (see Membership Fees)
Extra cards are only available to groups – not families – extra cards must be paid for at the current rate (see Membership Fees) and can only be supplied on production of an original card in the same group’s name.
You may be turned away or asked to pay again if you cannot produce a valid membership card.
Cornwall ScrapStore retains the right to offer discretionary discounts to members at various times, but makes no guarantee that such discounts are available at any given time of the year.
Cornwall ScrapStore retains the right to discontinue services and/or materials without prior notice.
Fees are based only on the number of people making use of the materials.

Definitions We Use

Individual: Individual membership is for use by single people that are not part of a household.  It is for one signatory and no guests are allowed to visit with an individual membership holder. If you are part of a household then the household membership needs to be purchased. 

Household: A Family is deemed to be one or more people related by marriage or blood who occupy the same household. This definition includes people who co-habit or are in a civil partnership, but excludes tenants, lodgers and the like. Materials can only be taken for use in the family home and should not be shared with anyone or any organisation outside of family members.

Group: A group is deemed to be any constituted or associated organisation that operates from a specific premises* for the benefit of others whether that be for education, recreation or as a social function – not for profit. This does not exclude profit making organisations if they can provide proof that they fall within the terms and conditions of membership and the limitations on the use of the materials that are expressed therein (see above).

Uniform District: Cornwall ScrapStore offers a flat rate for ‘District’ groups such as Guides and Scouts. In these cases the definition of ‘group’ in regards to specific premises does not apply. The District body should apply on behalf of the groups within it’s organisation who want to register for membership. The District body would then pay the group rate plus a ‘Unit fee’ per pack/sub group at the prescribed rate – see under ‘Membership Fees’.

Childminders, Artists and Workshop Facilitators: Childminders (catering for less than 8 children) and artists taking materials with which to work with children and others can do so in the normal way and should refer to the ‘Membership Fees’ section of our current information for current charges**.

Calculating the fee payable: Organisations should count the number of users who will be using the materials, i.e. the number of children attending a nursery unit in a single day; or the number of children on roll at a school***.

* Organisations that operate from more than one venue are deemed to need separate membership for each venue unless they can establish that their operation falls within the definition of ‘one group’. Any application for combined membership must be discussed with a member of staff before membership is taken out, and/or any application is made.
**For fee purposes the definition of a group also includes (but named separately) artists and individuals who use materials for use in workshops, festivals, carnivals, facilitated working within education settings (i.e. schools) and other venues with groups of participants and any other such events.
*** Schools who operate and fund a nursery unit can apply for joint membership, however separate memberships must be taken out if a nursery unit that is on the same site as a school is owned, operated and/or funded separately.